Click this link to access the interactive online version of the LiteRM quality model's eXternal Structure (XS).  XS includes all the quality attributes and their dependency structure, but not the details behind each attribute found in the full LiteRM model.

The WhizFolders file below contains the full LiteRM software quality model. WhizFolders runs on Windows and has a free file reader with which you can explore the quality model.

LiteRM Quality Knowledge Base V17.wzfolder LiteRM Quality Knowledge Base V17.wzfolder
Size : 788.674 Kb
Type : wzfolder

Below is the Quality Goals chapter of Understanding Requirements: Beyond the basics.   It describes the quality model available above and suggests how to use it.   Most references in this chapter are freely downloadable from the book's website.

Chapter 3 Quality Goals.pdf Chapter 3 Quality Goals.pdf
Size : 2412.66 Kb
Type : pdf

Below is a preprint describing the dangers of simplistic models in general and simplistic requirements models in particular.

Simplistic V15 .pdf Simplistic V15 .pdf
Size : 1481.899 Kb
Type : pdf