Yoder & Wirfs-Brock's description of quality scenarios.

Quality Scenarios - Yoder & Wirfs-Brock.pdf Quality Scenarios - Yoder & Wirfs-Brock.pdf
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Type : pdf

A set of quality scenario templates that can be copied and pasted into the verification tactics section of your project quality model.

Quality Scenario Templates.zip Quality Scenario Templates.zip
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Chapparro & Keeling's description of a mini Quality Attribute Workshop

Mini-QAWs  Chaparro & Keeling.pdf Mini-QAWs Chaparro & Keeling.pdf
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       Rising & Watson's description of study groups

     Paper by Poort et. al. on the importance of  early verification

How Architects See NFRs - REFSQ12.pdf How Architects See NFRs - REFSQ12.pdf
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