Quality awareness implies early and ongoing understanding of:

  • high-priority quality goals and their characteristics
  • conflicts between quality attributes and how they can be resolved
  • critical supports for each quality level
  • effects of the critical supports on each domain function
  • how qualities will be verified

Lack of awareness ensures poor estimates and significant rework or project failure.

Early and ongoing tactics for becoming quality-aware

These tactics help project teams become quality aware:

1.  Guide project teams as they develop an understanding of quality attributes and goals as well as quality-aware development

2.  Running study groups on “high-risk” quality goals

3.  Holding brown-bag lunch sessions to share quality experiences

These tactics support ongoing quality awareness:

1.  Establishing a Quality & Productivity Support Group

2.  Promoting quality awareness

3.  Developing project quality specifications

4.  Sketching verification strategies for project quality goals

5.  Recording quality lessons

Resources for these ongoing tactics are on the "Q-A stuff" pages.