The software industry has a major quality problem

Many software systems have significant quality deficits.  For example, some systems can’t be reliably changed after a few years.  Most deficits are unacknowledged and perhaps unrecognized.  These deficits are self-inflicted and becoming systemic as Agile is more widely adopted.

Quality attribute requirements (quality goals) are difficult to achieve and verify.  Most developers have little understanding of how to do either.  Developers understand testing, but not verification.  Unfortunately, testing alone is inadequate for the verification of many quality requirements.  Quality verification may entail analysis, technical review, and measurement, as well as four modes of testing.

There are more than 60 quality goals including security, safety, privacy, robustness, and ease of use. Each quality goal has more than 20 characteristics including priority, conflicting quality goals, supports, and  verification tactics.  This is true across all applications and all domains.

We are living the parable of the blind men and the elephant – detailed descriptions of parts (e.g. privacy), but no grasp of the whole.

The challenge is to raise stakeholder awareness of quality goals to the same level as their awareness of functional goals.

Website purpose 

To provide resources that increase the quality awareness of individuals, project teams, and development organizations.